Food is the gift of life as it is earth's  supreme treasure! Without nutritious food, our minds and bodies do not develop nor operate properly, which often results in a lifetime of various types of disabilities, including listlessness, diseases, and the inability to adequately perform the daily tasks of everyday living. Malnutrition has debilitating effects. 

While some have never felt the  desperation caused by hunger and homelessness, there are millions of Americans who suffer through these conditions everyday. 

Here are some facts: 

  • In 2017, 42% of clients stated that they must choose between food and paying for Medicine/healthcare. 

   • Among all client households with at least one child under the age of 18, 81.2% utilize the school lunch program and 63.6% utilize the school breakfast program. 

   • According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, there are approximately 790, 000 people who are homeless in the United States. On any given night, 2   million have been homeless at some time during the year, and 12 million of the adult residents of the U.S. have been homeless at some point in their lives. 

   What does Hunger look like in Chicago? 
Annually, more than 320,000 different people rely on  feeding programs: 

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• 36.7 % are children   under 18 years old    (6.9 % are children 5 years old) 
• 8.2 % are age 65 and older 
• 68.8 % had incomes below the official federal poverty level 
• 21.8 % of all adult clients are homeless 
• 27.9 % of households have one or more member in poor health 
• 39.7 % of households include at least one employed adult 
• 51.6 % are female - 48.4 % are male 
• 62.1% are African-American 
• 12.2 % are White 

YOU can make a  difference! Volunteers are always welcome and needed at the Bread of Life Food Pantry. Call us today and donate your time and/or support.  
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President Obama joins the Greater Chicago Food Depository's weekly call with our very own Prophetess Sandra Gillespie representing our Chosen Tabernacle Bread of Life Food Pantry. Thank you to all of the volunteers and special people who help ensure that hundreds of families are fed every week.

The mission of the Bread of Life Food Pantry is to distribute food to the needy of our    community on a weekly basis to eradicate the   effects of hunger and food insecurity. Also, we provide referral services to community organizations for social services support and related resources. 
Hunger and homelessness is very much a problem in the United States and in the Chicagoland area.